Chapter Arrangement

The book consists of a number of chapters, which will become available in batches. Each chapter deals with a group of several similar species, and in general there are several chapters in every family and large subfamily.

The chapters are numbered in a hierarchical way to reflect the family or subfamily and the species group, as summarised in Chapter Contents and in the current downloadable Price/Contents list.

Chapters will be produced to order with a maximum dispatch time of approximately two weeks.

Publication Schedule

Papilioninae (Swallowtails), Parnassiinae (Festoons and Apollos),  now available;

Pieridae (Whites and Yellows),  now available;
Lycaeninae (Coppers), Theclinae (Hairstreaks) and Riodininae (Metalmarks),  now available;

Polyommatinae (Blues),  now available;

Nymphalidae (Heliconiini Fritillaries, e.g. Silver-washed, Pear-bordered etc),  now available;

Nymphalidae (Emperors, Vanessids etc. and Melitaeinae Fritillaries e.g. Heath, Marsh etc),  now available;

Nymphalidae (those not listed above, particularly Satyrinae (Browns)),  2021/2 onward, starting with Heaths, Meadow Browns etc.

Hesperiidae (Skippers),  2023?